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If exploring through European vineyards has been something you’ve always wanted to do – by way of a show of hands – please submit your details so we can get a sense for potential attendee numbers next year.

We are currently planning a guided sommelier winery tour to coincide with next seasons’ En Premier, 2021.

Touring the vineyards is an amazing experience and therefore we would like to share this experience with you. We are in the process of partnering-up with a few specialised wine tour company, who ensure they gives each client a unique experience, as well the experience of dining locally in a gourmet restaurant, on or near the vineyards.

Personal wine tours are organized in the medoc, Margaux, Pauillac St Emillion, Sauternes as well as the opportunity to visit famous Chateaux Grand Cru Classes. We can tailor your tour – from duluxe wine tours, staying in a Chateau etc. Our Guides are insiders; knows the city and the vineyards like no one else. Their expertise is on the area and the wines are of excellent knowledge. Tour are also arranged from Napa Valley to Tuscan vineyards, as well Spanish and English.

Cognac, the “Water of Life” a private tour. Started in the 17th century, they were transformed in eau-de-vie and improved by ageing in oak cast. This day tour is a unique and sensational experience. Tasting the differences and learning more about XO, VSOP, Napoleon etc. This experience could take you to Tesseron, Remy Martin, Courvoisier etc

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