Vintage Red Bordeaux

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Red Bordeaux
NB: Indicative Only
VintageWineFormatCaseIB Per CaseEuroHK$Order Here
(12 Bottles)Per BottlePer Case
1970Ch LatourBottle9 cs£7,560.00€ 737$75,978Add to Basket
1978Ch LafiteBottle1 cs£5,512.50€ 537$55,401Add to Basket
1981Ch Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£3,780.00€ 369$37,989Add to Basket
1981Ch PetrusBottle1 cs£20,790.00€ 2,027$208,940Add to Basket
1982Ch Cheval BlancBottle2 cs£9,450.00€ 921$94,973Add to Basket
1982Ch Haut-BrionBottle5 cs£9,450.00€ 921$94,973Add to Basket
1982Ch La Mission Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£12,600.00€ 1,229$126,630Add to Basket
1982Ch LafiteBottle3 cs£35,700.00€ 3,481$358,785Add to Basket
1982Ch LatourBottle6 cs£25,200.00€ 2,457$253,260Add to Basket
1982Ch Leoville LascasesBottle10 cs£4,200.00€ 410$42,210Add to Basket
1982Ch MargauxBottle2 cs£9,450.00€ 921$94,973Add to Basket
1982Ch Mouton RothschildBottle3 cs£15,120.00€ 1,474$151,956Add to Basket
1983Ch Haut-BrionBottle2 cs£4,620.00€ 450$46,431Add to Basket
1983Ch MargauxBottle4 cs£6,300.00€ 614$63,315Add to Basket
1983Ch Mouton RothschildBottle2 cs£4,147.50€ 404$41,682Add to Basket
1984Ch Mouton RothschildBottle1 cs£3,990.00€ 389$40,100Add to Basket
1985Ch Cheval BlancBottle1 cs£5,670.00€ 553$56,984Add to Basket
1985Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle4 cs£1,942.50€ 189$19,522Add to Basket
1985Ch LafiteBottle4 cs£7,770.00€ 758$78,089Add to Basket
1985Ch LatourBottle1 cs£5,670.00€ 553$56,984Add to Basket
1985Ch MargauxBottle5 cs£5,775.00€ 563$58,039Add to Basket
1985Ch Mouton RothschildBottle5 cs£4,830.00€ 471$48,542Add to Basket
1985Ch PalmerBottle3 cs£2,625.00€ 256$26,381Add to Basket
1985Ch PetrusBottle1 cs£23,100.00€ 2,252$232,155Add to Basket
1986Ch AusoneBottle2 cs£3,780.00€ 369$37,989Add to Basket
1986Ch Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£5,040.00€ 491$50,652Add to Basket
1986Ch LafiteBottle4 cs£12,180.00€ 1,188$122,409Add to Basket
1986Ch Leoville LascasesBottle1 cs£3,990.00€ 389$40,100Add to Basket
1986Ch MargauxBottle1 cs£5,670.00€ 553$56,984Add to Basket
1986Ch Mouton RothschildBottle3 cs£9,240.00€ 901$92,862Add to Basket
1986Ch PetrusBottle2 cs£22,050.00€ 2,150$221,603Add to Basket
1987Ch Mouton RothschildBottle4 cs£4,147.50€ 404$41,682Add to Basket
1988Ch AngelusBottle1 cs£3,465.00€ 338$34,823Add to Basket
1988Ch Cheval BlancBottle3 cs£4,410.00€ 430$44,321Add to Basket
1988Ch Haut-BrionBottle2 cs£4,462.50€ 435$44,848Add to Basket
1988Ch La Mission Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£2,625.00€ 256$26,381Add to Basket
1988Ch LatourBottle2 cs£5,250.00€ 512$52,763Add to Basket
1988Ch MargauxBottle3 cs£4,462.50€ 435$44,848Add to Basket
1988Ch Mouton RothschildBottle1 cs£4,410.00€ 430$44,321Add to Basket
1988Ch PetrusBottle2 cs£22,470.00€ 2,191$225,824Add to Basket
1989Carruades De LafiteBottle2 cs£3,097.50€ 302$31,130Add to Basket
1989Ch AngelusBottle1 cs£4,620.00€ 450$46,431Add to Basket
1989Ch Cheval BlancBottle5 cs£4,987.50€ 486$50,124Add to Basket
1989Ch Haut-BrionBottle2 cs£22,050.00€ 2,150$221,603Add to Basket
1989Ch La Mission Haut-BrionBottle2 cs£16,590.00€ 1,618$166,730Add to Basket
1989Ch LafiteBottle2 cs£7,770.00€ 758$78,089Add to Basket
1989Ch LatourBottle6 cs£5,197.50€ 507$52,235Add to Basket
1989Ch Leoville LascasesBottle1 cs£2,094.75€ 204$21,052Add to Basket
1989Ch MargauxBottle1 cs£5,040.00€ 491$50,652Add to Basket
1989Ch MontroseBottle2 cs£5,197.50€ 507$52,235Add to Basket
1989Ch Mouton RothschildBottle5 cs£4,725.00€ 461$47,486Add to Basket
1989Ch PalmerBottle2 cs£4,410.00€ 430$44,321Add to Basket
1989Ch PetrusBottle3 cs£46,200.00€ 4,505$464,310Add to Basket
1990Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle1 cs£2,415.00€ 235$24,271Add to Basket
1990Ch D’ArmailhacBottle3 cs£756.00€ 74$7,598Add to Basket
1990Ch Haut-BrionBottle12 cs£9,030.00€ 880$90,752Add to Basket
1990Ch LafiteBottle4 cs£8,610.00€ 839$86,531Add to Basket
1990Ch LatourBottle4 cs£8,557.50€ 834$86,003Add to Basket
1990Ch MargauxBottle6 cs£12,390.00€ 1,208$124,520Add to Basket
1990Ch MontroseBottle1 cs£6,930.00€ 676$69,647Add to Basket
1990Ch Mouton RothschildBottle6 cs£4,305.00€ 420$43,265Add to Basket
1990Ch PalmerBottle1 cs£3,097.50€ 302$31,130Add to Basket
1990Ch PetrusBottle1 cs£47,250.00€ 4,607$474,863Add to Basket
1991Ch Mouton RothschildBottle3 cs£4,147.50€ 404$41,682Add to Basket
1992Ch LatourBottle1 cs£4,620.00€ 450$46,431Add to Basket
1992Ch MargauxBottle1 cs£4,095.00€ 399$41,155Add to Basket
1993Ch Leoville LascasesBottle2 cs£1,554.00€ 152$15,618Add to Basket
1993Ch Mouton RothschildBottle9 cs£4,620.00€ 450$46,431Add to Basket
1994Ch Haut-BrionBottle2 cs£3,675.00€ 358$36,934Add to Basket
1994Ch MargauxBottle2 cs£4,410.00€ 430$44,321Add to Basket
1994Ch Mouton RothschildBottle3 cs£4,462.50€ 435$44,848Add to Basket
1994Ch PetrusBottle1 cs£23,100.00€ 2,252$232,155Add to Basket
1995Ch AngelusBottle1 cs£3,570.00€ 348$35,879Add to Basket
1995Ch Cheval BlancBottle4 cs£4,725.00€ 461$47,486Add to Basket
1995Ch MontroseBottle3 cs£1,417.50€ 138$14,246Add to Basket
1995Ch PalmerBottle1 cs£2,572.50€ 251$25,854Add to Basket
1995Ch PetrusBottle2 cs£29,400.00€ 2,867$295,470Add to Basket
1995Le PinBottle1 cs£31,500.00€ 3,071$316,575Add to Basket
1996Carruades De LafiteBottle7 cs£3,097.50€ 302$31,130Add to Basket
1996Ch Cheval BlancBottle3 cs£4,410.00€ 430$44,321Add to Basket
1996Ch Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£4,410.00€ 430$44,321Add to Basket
1996Ch LafiteBottle5 cs£9,712.50€ 947$97,611Add to Basket
1996Ch MargauxBottle3 cs£6,982.50€ 681$70,174Add to Basket
1996Ch Mouton RothschildBottle7 cs£5,250.00€ 512$52,763Add to Basket
1997Carruades De LafiteBottle2 cs£3,097.50€ 302$31,130Add to Basket
1997Ch Cheval BlancBottle1 cs£3,990.00€ 389$40,100Add to Basket
1997Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle1 cs£1,092.00€ 106$10,975Add to Basket
1997Ch Duhart-MilonBottle1 cs£567.00€ 55$5,698Add to Basket
1997Ch Haut-BrionBottle2 cs£3,969.00€ 387$39,888Add to Basket
1997Ch LafiteBottle1 cs£7,245.00€ 706$72,812Add to Basket
1997Ch LatourBottle1 cs£4,725.00€ 461$47,486Add to Basket
1997Ch MontroseBottle3 cs£924.00€ 90$9,286Add to Basket
1997Ch Mouton RothschildBottle5 cs£4,567.50€ 445$45,903Add to Basket
1998Carruades De LafiteBottle1 cs£2,992.50€ 292$30,075Add to Basket
1998Ch LafiteBottle1 cs£7,864.50€ 767$79,038Add to Basket
1998Ch LatourBottle5 cs£5,092.50€ 497$51,180Add to Basket
1998Ch Leoville LascasesBottle1 cs£1,764.00€ 172$17,728Add to Basket
1998Ch MargauxBottle4 cs£4,389.00€ 428$44,109Add to Basket
1998Ch Mouton RothschildBottle7 cs£5,197.50€ 507$52,235Add to Basket
1998Ch PalmerBottle3 cs£2,415.00€ 235$24,271Add to Basket
1999Ch AusoneBottle1 cs£5,244.75€ 511$52,710Add to Basket
1999Ch Cheval BlancBottle5 cs£4,567.50€ 445$45,903Add to Basket
1999Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle3 cs£1,260.00€ 123$12,663Add to Basket
1999Ch Duhart-MilonBottle1 cs£756.00€ 74$7,598Add to Basket
1999Ch Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£4,147.50€ 404$41,682Add to Basket
1999Ch MargauxBottle5 cs£4,620.00€ 450$46,431Add to Basket
1999Ch Mouton RothschildBottle8 cs£4,777.50€ 466$48,014Add to Basket
2000Ch AusoneBottle1 cs£11,182.50€ 1,090$112,384Add to Basket
2000Ch Duhart-MilonBottle6 cs£966.00€ 94$9,708Add to Basket
2000Ch La Mission Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£5,670.00€ 553$56,984Add to Basket
2000Ch LafiteBottle4 cs£13,860.00€ 1,351$139,293Add to Basket
2000Ch Leoville LascasesBottle1 cs£2,593.50€ 253$26,065Add to Basket
2000Ch Mouton RothschildBottle5 cs£20,580.00€ 2,007$206,829Add to Basket
2000Ch PalmerBottle1 cs£3,024.00€ 295$30,391Add to Basket
2001Ch Haut-BrionBottle2 cs£3,780.00€ 369$37,989Add to Basket
2001Ch LafiteBottle1 cs£6,898.50€ 673$69,330Add to Basket
2001Ch LatourBottle3 cs£5,092.50€ 497$51,180Add to Basket
2001Ch Leoville LascasesBottle1 cs£1,680.00€ 164$16,884Add to Basket
2001Ch Mouton RothschildBottle8 cs£4,725.00€ 461$47,486Add to Basket
2001Ch PetrusBottle1 cs£27,300.00€ 2,662$274,365Add to Basket
2002Ch AngelusBottle3 cs£3,360.00€ 328$33,768Add to Basket
2002Ch Duhart-MilonBottle2 cs£735.00€ 72$7,387Add to Basket
2002Ch Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£3,727.50€ 363$37,461Add to Basket
2002Ch LafiteBottle4 cs£6,825.00€ 665$68,591Add to Basket
2002Ch MargauxBottle1 cs£4,095.00€ 399$41,155Add to Basket
2002Ch MontroseBottle1 cs£861.00€ 84$8,653Add to Basket
2002Ch Mouton RothschildBottle9 cs£4,515.00€ 440$45,376Add to Basket
2003Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle2 cs£1,680.00€ 164$16,884Add to Basket
2003Ch LatourBottle2 cs£7,644.00€ 745$76,822Add to Basket
2003Ch MontroseBottle5 cs£1,785.00€ 174$17,939Add to Basket
2003Ch Mouton RothschildBottle10 cs£5,229.00€ 510$52,551Add to Basket
2003Ch PalmerBottle1 cs£2,073.75€ 202$20,841Add to Basket
2003Ch PavieBottle1 cs£2,835.00€ 276$28,492Add to Basket
2004Carruades De LafiteBottle1 cs£3,045.00€ 297$30,602Add to Basket
2004Ch AngelusBottle1 cs£3,097.50€ 302$31,130Add to Basket
2004Ch AusoneBottle1 cs£4,389.00€ 428$44,109Add to Basket
2004Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle3 cs£1,113.00€ 109$11,186Add to Basket
2004Ch Duhart-MilonBottle1 cs£714.00€ 70$7,176Add to Basket
2004Ch LatourBottle1 cs£4,725.00€ 461$47,486Add to Basket
2004Ch Leoville LascasesBottle4 cs£1,464.75€ 143$14,721Add to Basket
2004Ch MargauxBottle1 cs£3,990.00€ 389$40,100Add to Basket
2004Ch Mouton RothschildBottle2 cs£4,620.00€ 450$46,431Add to Basket
2004Ch PalmerBottle1 cs£1,995.00€ 195$20,050Add to Basket
2004Ch PavieBottle2 cs£2,520.00€ 246$25,326Add to Basket
2005Ch AngelusBottle1 cs£4,515.00€ 440$45,376Add to Basket
2005Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle5 cs£1,732.50€ 169$17,412Add to Basket
2005Ch LafiteBottle1 cs£7,717.50€ 752$77,561Add to Basket
2005Ch MargauxBottle1 cs£6,405.00€ 624$64,370Add to Basket
2005Ch Mouton RothschildBottle2 cs£5,670.00€ 553$56,984Add to Basket
2005Ch PavieBottle1 cs£3,780.00€ 369$37,989Add to Basket
2006Ch AngelusBottle1 cs£3,034.50€ 296$30,497Add to Basket
2006Ch AusoneBottle1 cs£5,250.00€ 512$52,763Add to Basket
2006Ch LatourBottle1 cs£4,830.00€ 471$48,542Add to Basket
2006Ch Leoville LascasesBottle2 cs£1,407.00€ 137$14,140Add to Basket
2006Ch MargauxBottle3 cs£4,042.50€ 394$40,627Add to Basket
2007Ch AngelusBottle1 cs£2,992.50€ 292$30,075Add to Basket
2007Ch Duhart-MilonBottle1 cs£756.00€ 74$7,598Add to Basket
2007Ch Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£3,727.50€ 363$37,461Add to Basket
2007Ch La Mission Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£1,764.00€ 172$17,728Add to Basket
2007Ch LafiteBottle2 cs£7,035.00€ 686$70,702Add to Basket
2007Ch Leoville LascasesBottle2 cs£1,365.00€ 133$13,718Add to Basket
2007Ch Mouton RothschildBottle11 cs£4,420.50€ 431$44,426Add to Basket
2007Ch PalmerBottle1 cs£2,047.50€ 200$20,577Add to Basket
2008Ch Cheval BlancBottle1 cs£4,042.50€ 394$40,627Add to Basket
2008Ch LafiteBottle2 cs£7,560.00€ 737$75,978Add to Basket
2008Ch MontroseBottle1 cs£840.00€ 82$8,442Add to Basket
2008Ch Mouton RothschildBottle1 cs£4,725.00€ 461$47,486Add to Basket
2009Carruades De LafiteBottle2 cs£2,887.50€ 282$29,019Add to Basket
2009Ch ClinetBottle2 cs£2,310.00€ 225$23,216Add to Basket
2009Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle7 cs£2,415.00€ 235$24,271Add to Basket
2009Ch LafiteBottle1 cs£7,665.00€ 747$77,033Add to Basket
2009Ch Leoville LascasesBottle1 cs£2,152.50€ 210$21,633Add to Basket
2009Ch MontroseBottle4 cs£2,257.50€ 220$22,688Add to Basket
2009Ch PalmerBottle2 cs£2,646.00€ 258$26,592Add to Basket
2009Ch PetrusBottle4 cs£36,750.00€ 3,583$369,338Add to Basket
2009Le PinBottle2 cs£44,100.00€ 4,300$443,205Add to Basket
2010Carruades De LafiteBottle5 cs£2,940.00€ 287$29,547Add to Basket
2010Ch Cheval BlancBottle2 cs£8,610.00€ 839$86,531Add to Basket
2010Ch ClinetBottle1 cs£1,197.00€ 117$12,030Add to Basket
2010Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle10 cs£1,837.50€ 179$18,467Add to Basket
2010Ch D’ArmailhacBottle2 cs£567.00€ 55$5,698Add to Basket
2010Ch La Mission Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£4,777.50€ 466$48,014Add to Basket
2010Ch LatourBottle2 cs£11,340.00€ 1,106$113,967Add to Basket
2010Ch Leoville LascasesBottle2 cs£2,100.00€ 205$21,105Add to Basket
2010Ch MontroseBottle10 cs£1,869.00€ 182$18,783Add to Basket
2010Ch PalmerBottle1 cs£2,887.50€ 282$29,019Add to Basket
2010Ch PavieBottle2 cs£3,465.00€ 338$34,823Add to Basket
2010Ch PetrusBottle1 cs£36,750.00€ 3,583$369,338Add to Basket
2011Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle7 cs£1,029.00€ 100$10,341Add to Basket
2011Ch Duhart-MilonBottle6 cs£630.00€ 61$6,332Add to Basket
2011Ch Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£3,507.00€ 342$35,245Add to Basket
2011Ch Mouton RothschildBottle6 cs£4,095.00€ 399$41,155Add to Basket
2011Ch PalmerBottle2 cs£2,205.00€ 215$22,160Add to Basket
2012Carruades De LafiteBottle1 cs£2,940.00€ 287$29,547Add to Basket
2012Ch PavieBottle2 cs£2,835.00€ 276$28,492Add to Basket
2013Ch Cheval BlancBottle1 cs£3,549.00€ 346$35,667Add to Basket
2013Ch ClinetBottle2 cs£504.00€ 49$5,065Add to Basket
2013Ch LafiteBottle1 cs£5,197.50€ 507$52,235Add to Basket
2013Ch MargauxBottle3 cs£3,832.50€ 374$38,517Add to Basket
2013Ch PalmerBottle1 cs£1,995.00€ 195$20,050Add to Basket
2013Ch PetrusBottle3 cs£23,625.00€ 2,303$237,431Add to Basket
2014Ch AngelusBottle1 cs£2,467.50€ 241$24,798Add to Basket
2014Ch Cheval BlancBottle3 cs£4,095.00€ 399$41,155Add to Basket
2014Ch Duhart-MilonBottle1 cs£567.00€ 55$5,698Add to Basket
2014Ch Haut-BrionBottle2 cs£3,517.50€ 343$35,351Add to Basket
2014Ch LafiteBottle1 cs£5,197.50€ 507$52,235Add to Basket
2015Ch AngelusBottle5 cs£2,940.00€ 287$29,547Add to Basket
2015Ch Duhart-MilonBottle2 cs£588.00€ 57$5,909Add to Basket
2015Ch Haut-BrionBottle1 cs£5,040.00€ 491$50,652Add to Basket
2015Ch La Mission Haut-BrionBottle3 cs£3,570.00€ 348$35,879Add to Basket
2015Ch LafiteBottle1 cs£5,985.00€ 584$60,149Add to Basket
2015Ch Leoville LascasesBottle3 cs£1,617.00€ 158$16,251Add to Basket
2015Ch Mouton RothschildBottle3 cs£5,040.00€ 491$50,652Add to Basket
2015Ch PalmerBottle2 cs£2,877.00€ 281$28,914Add to Basket
2015Ch PavieBottle3 cs£3,255.00€ 317$32,713Add to Basket
2016Ch Cos d’EstournelBottle1 cs£1,837.50€ 179$18,467Add to Basket
2016Ch Leoville LascasesBottle1 cs£2,362.50€ 230$23,743Add to Basket
2016Ch PetrusBottle4 cs£39,900.00€ 3,890$400,995Add to Basket