This document describes the arrangement between the Investor, Our Sommerlier Ltd, and Distributor with regards to the purchase of the Casks described in the Investor’s invoice raised by Our Sommelier Ltd. It describes the terms and conditions by which the Distributor will arrange for casks to be sold, or bottled and distributed under The Single Cask brand, on behalf of the Investor.

i. In these Terms, unless the context otherwise requires:

Wholesale Selling Price is an estimated price and means the estimated price at which the Distributor will put for sale the cask’s contents following bottling.

Sale of Cask(s) refers to the sale of an Investor’s Cask(s), in which the Distributor will either bottle and distribute the product owned by the Investor under the brand ‘The Single Cask’, or sell such Cask(s) wholesale to a suitable buyer (as determined by the Distributor).

Certificate of Title means proof of Right to all contents of the Casks of whisky satisfactory to the Distributor. Certificates will be issued by Our Sommelier Ltd to the Investor upon receiving full payment from the Investor, and confirmation of title has been sent to Our Sommelier Ltd by the Distributor.

Storage and Insurance is included in the Purchase Price for the first 5 years of storage; insurance covers against fire and theft of the cask and covers the purchase price. Storage and Insurance after the first 5 years will be charged annually at the cost price at the time of renewal.

The Angel’s Share refers to the fact that maturing whisky naturally loses a small percentage in volume each year due to evaporation from the Cask (an average of 1%-2% per year). This is taken into consideration and is reflected in the estimated returns table at a rate of 2% per year. Losses in excess of these rates may occur.

Bottling and Labelling costs an estimated at 10 GBP per bottle; this is a maximum estimate based on today’s costs, but may change from time to time as notified by the Distributor.

i. This agreement shall only come into effect upon the transfer of title for the Casks of whisky specified in the Certificate of Title. A Certificate of Title will be provided to the Investor within 30 days of the investor’s cleared funds of the purchase invoice.

ii. Upon failure to deliver the Certificate of Title, the parties herein shall be deemed released from further performance of their respective obligations under these Terms save those monies paid by the Investor pursuant to these Terms shall be refunded by Our Sommelier Ltd, without any interest or any other charges thereon, within 14 days from receipt of notice requesting such refund.

iii. The Distributor maintains a right of first refusal should the Investor wish to sell the Title to their Cask(s). The Distributor guarantees to make an offer to purchase any Cask(s) based on the agreed rate referred to at the time of sale.

iv. Our Sommelier Ltd is an appointed agent between the Distributor and the Investor, and will give as much notice to the Investor when the Distributor is looking to procure Cask(s) for sale.

i. The Distributor can arrange to sell a cask at any time by informing Our Sommelier Ltd.
ii. The Distributor may bottle a Cask’s contents for inclusion in The Single Cask product range, or sell the Cask in its entirety if a suitable wholesale offer is made.
iii. Our Sommelier will mediate between the Distributor and the Investors to fulfil the Distributor’s orders.
iv. Our Sommelier Ltd shall pay the final sum to the Investor, which will be based on the Investor’s price at the time of sale.

i. The Investor may at any time opt to sell their right of Title (pursuant to any Cask(s).
a) The Distributor maintains the Right of First Refusal pursuant to Clause 2.iii) should the Investor opt to do so.
b) If the Right of First Refusal is not exercised, the Distributor will adhere to the terms of sale detailed in Item 1.
c) Our Sommelier Ltd reserves the right to sell casks on the Investor’s behalf, without prior warning or notice to the Investor to fulfil Distributor’s order(s). Details of the sale and payment will be sent to the Investor upon completion of the sale, or reinvested.

Cask Value Estimates
The returns payable to the Investor on this investment shall be calculated at the time of sale.
– For the avoidance of any doubt, the cask values will be based on market value, wholesale prices, and incorporate a processing fee for Our Sommelier Ltd. Any prior estimate(s) will not be a guarantee of the performance of your investment. No prior estimate should be viewed as a guarantee or predictor of future investment performance, but as a guide.
– Payment to the Investor will be made when 60% of the bottle stock or full cask has been sold and payment collected.
– The consideration offered by the Distributor to purchase back any Cask(s), should the Investor opt to sell their right of Title, is a guaranteed 2% per year following the first calendar year of cask ownership. Payment shall be made as soon as the cask(s) are sold.

Terms of Sale: The Net Sales Return (Gross Selling Price minus Bottling Costs and Insurance) will be split, 60% going to the Investor and 40% to the Distributor after the product has been packaged and sold. Note The full cask could also be sold as is by the distributor to brokers, other bottlers or blenders, the sale price would be agreed with the investor before the sale is confirmed.