Vintage White Bordeaux

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White Bordeaux
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VintageWineFormatCaseIB Per CaseEuroHK$Order Here
(12 Bottles)Per bottlePer Case
1967Ch ClimensBottle1 cs£4,462.50€ 435$44,848Add to Basket
1980Ch d’YquemBottle1 cs£2,415.00€ 235$24,271Add to Basket
1983Ch ClimensBottle4 cs£882.00€ 86$8,864Add to Basket
1983Ch GuiraudBottle1 cs£483.00€ 47$4,854Add to Basket
1983Ch La Tour-BlancheBottle1 cs£603.75€ 59$6,068Add to Basket
1985Ch FilhotBottle1 cs£472.50€ 46$4,749Add to Basket
1986Ch ClimensBottle1 cs£840.00€ 82$8,442Add to Basket
1988Ch CoutetBottle1 cs£420.00€ 41$4,221Add to Basket
1988Ch De FarguesBottle1 cs£756.00€ 74$7,598Add to Basket
1988Ch FilhotBottle1 cs£388.50€ 38$3,904Add to Basket
1988Ch GuiraudBottle1 cs£441.00€ 43$4,432Add to Basket
1988Ch Rabaud-PromisBottle1 cs£441.00€ 43$4,432Add to Basket
1989Ch ClimensBottle3 cs£819.00€ 80$8,231Add to Basket
1989Ch d’YquemBottle1 cs£2,940.00€ 287$29,547Add to Basket
1990Ch Rayne-VigneauBottle1 cs£378.00€ 37$3,799Add to Basket
1990Ch RieussecBottle1 cs£546.00€ 53$5,487Add to Basket
1996Ch Raymond-LafonBottle1 cs£367.50€ 36$3,693Add to Basket
1999Ch Lynch Bages BlancBottle1 cs£493.50€ 48$4,960Add to Basket
1999Domaine De Chevalier, BlancBottle1 cs£693.00€ 68$6,965Add to Basket
2000Ch D’ArcheBottle1 cs£252.00€ 25$2,533Add to Basket
2001Ch ClimensBottle1 cs£1,837.50€ 179$18,467Add to Basket
2001Ch Doisy-VedrinesBottle1 cs£378.00€ 37$3,799Add to Basket
2001Ch d’YquemBottle2 cs£4,326.00€ 422$43,476Add to Basket
2001Ch NairacBottle1 cs£441.00€ 43$4,432Add to Basket
2002Ch Rayne-VigneauBottle1 cs£252.00€ 25$2,533Add to Basket
2002Ch RieussecBottle2 cs£336.00€ 33$3,377Add to Basket
2003Ch ClimensBottle1 cs£519.75€ 51$5,223Add to Basket
2003Ch d’YquemBottle1 cs£2,047.50€ 200$20,577Add to Basket
2003Ch LiotBottle1 cs£189.00€ 18$1,899Add to Basket
2003Ch NairacBottle1 cs£294.00€ 29$2,955Add to Basket
2003Ch Rayne-VigneauBottle1 cs£252.00€ 25$2,533Add to Basket
2005Ch ClimensBottle2 cs£630.00€ 61$6,332Add to Basket
2005Ch CoutetBottle1 cs£273.00€ 27$2,744Add to Basket
2005Ch La Tour-BlancheBottle1 cs£336.00€ 33$3,377Add to Basket
2005Ch NairacBottle2 cs£309.75€ 30$3,113Add to Basket
2006Ch De MalleBottle14 cs£236.25€ 23$2,374Add to Basket
2006Ch Smith Haut Lafitte, BlancBottle1 cs£756.00€ 74$7,598Add to Basket
2009Ch CoutetBottle57 cs£346.50€ 34$3,482Add to Basket
2009Ch De FarguesBottle7 cs£819.00€ 80$8,231Add to Basket
2009Ch d’YquemBottle1 cs£3,727.50€ 363$37,461Add to Basket
2009Ch Raymond-LafonBottle1 cs£252.00€ 25$2,533Add to Basket
2010Ch ClimensBottle1 cs£472.50€ 46$4,749Add to Basket
2010Ch CoutetBottle7 cs£336.00€ 33$3,377Add to Basket
2010Ch d’YquemBottle30 cs£3,045.00€ 297$30,602Add to Basket
2010Ch Rayne-VigneauBottle1 cs£367.50€ 36$3,693Add to Basket
2011Ch CoutetBottle19 cs£414.75€ 40$4,168Add to Basket
2011Ch d’YquemBottle3 cs£2,058.00€ 201$20,683Add to Basket
2011Ch NairacBottle1 cs£315.00€ 31$3,166Add to Basket
2012Carmes de RieussecBottle2 cs£147.00€ 14$1,477Add to Basket
2012Ch CoutetBottle30 cs£304.50€ 30$3,060Add to Basket
2013Carmes de RieussecBottle10 cs£157.50€ 15$1,583Add to Basket
2013Ch Pape Clement, BlancBottle1 cs£1,029.00€ 100$10,341Add to Basket
2013Ch RieussecBottle6 cs£309.75€ 30$3,113Add to Basket
2014Ch CoutetBottle14 cs£262.50€ 26$2,638Add to Basket
2014Ch GuiraudBottle17 cs£336.00€ 33$3,377Add to Basket
2014Ch Pape Clement, BlancBottle13 cs£966.00€ 94$9,708Add to Basket
2014Ch RieussecBottle5 cs£372.75€ 36$3,746Add to Basket
2014Domaine De Chevalier, BlancBottle16 cs£756.00€ 74$7,598Add to Basket
2015Ch SuduirautBottle2 cs£504.00€ 49$5,065Add to Basket