Celebrating Women Wine Producers

Join us in celebrating The Founders of French Bloom

Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger & Constance Jablonski

Beautiful 0.0% Sparkling Wines For The Health Conscious

Their Philosophy

French Bloom is designed to enhance moments of celebration, both big and small, for everyone to enjoy. Their alcohol-free organic sparkling wines is dedicated to those who wish to gather their loved ones and celebrate without limitations. They believe in the power of bringing people together from all walks of life, allowing them to connect, share, and celebrate as one. Their goal is to be a part of these joyful moments where individuals can express their uniqueness and authenticity while creating genuine connections with others. Like a catalyst, their creations serve as the festive drinks that foster true connections among all those you hold dear.



Constance Jablonski

Constance, a top model with a fast-paced lifestyle that involves frequent travel, long working hours, and adjusting to different time zones, faces the industry’s pressure for physical perfection. In response, she has fully embraced a healthy lifestyle and strives to find a balance that works for her well-being.

Constance understands the importance of prioritizing self-care and taking care of both her mind and body in order to maintain her energy and stamina.

Despite the demands of being a Fashion It Girl, Constance refuses to sacrifice her vibrant social life, as she recognizes the significance of genuine connections and relationships for her overall well-being.

By embracing a mindful drinking lifestyle, Constance has discovered a new sense of being and increased energy for her active life.



Maggie Frerejean-Taittinger

Maggie and Constance, who became friends while living in NYC, regularly connected at their favorite downtown Pilates class. Sharing a similar wellness journey, they both strive for balance in their lives.

Maggie, a passionate foodie and lover of gastronomy, works in the Michelin Guide industry and has had the opportunity to dine at some of the world’s finest restaurants. When Maggie became pregnant with her twin boys, she faced the challenge of finding suitable pairings for the beautifully crafted dishes she encountered, as there were no sophisticated non-alcoholic alternatives available for expectant mothers.

During this time, Maggie also felt excluded from social gatherings and was hyper-aware of the impact her consumption could have on the health of her growing babies.


How Is French Bloom Made?

Their alcohol-free organic sparkling wines is designed to be in harmony with nature, containing only essential ingredients. French Bloom’s cuvées are made from 100% natural and organic components, resulting in a healthy drink with low calories. Their alcohol-free French sparkling wine is carefully crafted from de-alcoholized organic Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines, along with natural ingredients like lemon. In line with their belief that the finest products originate from the Earth’s goodness, their alcohol-free sparkling wines are free from colorants, preservatives, sulfites, and added sugar.

Their Research & Technical Innovation

Their team of experts dedicated over two years to research and development, along with various technical innovations, to achieve the perfect balance and aromatic complexity of their Le Blanc and Le Rosé dealcoholized wines. Inspired by the wonders of nature, they utilized new techniques and creativity to create a sophisticated and unique recipe. As a result, their sparkling wines possess a noble character comparable to champagnes, fine wines, and spirits. To preserve the flavors and ensure the healthiest sparkling experience, their organic wines undergo a manual de-alcoholization process, resulting in 0.0% alcohol content. The addition of delicate bubbles to their non-alcoholic wines is done with great care at the end.

The Perfect Balance

The French Bloom collection of alcohol-free sparkling wines provides an exceptional tasting experience, thanks to a sophisticated blend of aromas. Each cuvée is carefully crafted using a complex combination of natural ingredients to achieve a harmonious balance of minerality, intensity, depth, and freshness. Tasting their non-alcoholic sparkling wines is an immersive sensory journey, where each sip reveals a bold yet balanced facet.

Their alcohol-free creations go beyond being mere alternatives to classic cellar wines. They embody unique emotions, characters, and personalities that add sparkle to precious moments of sharing among your guests.

Elevate Your Celebrations

French Bloom goes beyond being a mere substitute for wine and champagne; it is designed to enhance your celebrations. Whether you want to kick off the festivities with a family toast or create a sophisticated cocktail to toast with friends, our non-alcoholic sparkling wines can be enjoyed in a flute. Renowned sommeliers and mixologists have already embraced French Bloom, incorporating it into their collection to create innovative and daring recipes. Lastly, the aromatic notes of their alcohol-free sparkling wines complement refined meals, making them perfect for exceptional feasts in good company.

French Bloom
Le Rosé, French Bubbly 0% Alcohol
French Bloom rosé

£32.00 incl VAT

Tasting Notes: This alcohol-free sparkling Rosé provides a beautiful acidity with delicate aromas of rose, peach and cherry. Made from organic grapes, this 0.0% French Sparkling is low-calorie with no-sugar-added.

Grape/Blend: French Sparkling Gensac Spring Water, organic white grape juice, dealcoholized organic fermented grape juice, organic lemon juice, natural flavour of grape.

Ideal for conscious drinkers, and alcohol-free social events.

Finally, enjoy a chic and festive time with an alcoholic-free drink.

French Bloom
Le Blanc, French Bubbly 0% Alcohol
French Bloom blanc

£34.00 incl VAT

Tasting notes: A mineral freshness ale with a tropical note, followed by an evolution of granny smith apple, slightly spicy citrus fruits and white flowers. Le Blanc from French Bloom is the first product to meet your need for wellness alcohol-free drinks. Made in France with fine organic grapes, the most balanced and elegant alcohol-free sparkling wine.

Grape/Blend: French Sparkling Gensac Spring Water, organic white grape juice, dealcoholized organic fermented grape juice, organic lemon juice, natural flavour of grape.