Buying vintage wines for capital appreciation has become an established avenue for investors across the globe

Vintage Cellars

The vintage wine market is popular among investors and the market has matured over the years and it is important that we point out the following:

  • The fine wine industry is not regulated, and Our Sommelier is not a financial institution. As such, we do not give financial advice or any guarantees about the potential increase in a wine’s value.
  • Our Sommelier is run by experienced wine merchants, and as such we are qualified to give information regarding vintages and wines, their quality and prevailing market conditions. This information is based upon our knowledge, acquired from over 15 years of trading, and our daily dealings in the global wine market. Using our knowledge of this market, we can provide valuations for wines and, in conjunction with past performance of wines, we can give you our informed opinion as to whether a wine may have the ability to accrue value.
  • Our Sommelier does not charge a management fee and there are no hidden fees involved. The only money that you will pay is your purchase price and any storage fees applicable (see below). When you come to sell your wines, you are not tied to selling through us, although we will make you as competitive an offer as possible.
  • Wines can go down, as well as up in value, and there are many things that can influence these price movements. We would urge you to read around the subject fully before making a decision, and our staff are available to answer any questions that you may have.
  • For specific financial advice, tax implications or other financial elements of wine investment, it is important to speak to an accredited financial advisor.
vintage cellars

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