What is a Sommelier?

What is a sommelier? A sommelier is professionally trained in all aspects of wine. It is an extremely specialised role and is far more of an expert than your standard wine waiter! A sommelier’s main areas of expertise are wine procurement, pairing food and wine, advising on the storage of wine, wine cellar rotation as well as advice on selecting your choice of wine. They have extensive knowledge of wine, globally.

Duties of a Sommelier

A Sommelier’s duty varies depending on the premises, occasion and client’s requirements. If you are expecting guests your Sommelier can help you prepare and advise on the choices you have made for them. A Sommelier can also work closely with the kitchen staff to be fully prepared to give wine recommendations to best compliment the food. A Sommelier can therefore create a wine list, supply and store wine if required. This requires a lot of experience. Discover our sommelier services.

High Standards

A certified sommelier requires a level of formal education, training, and experience. They’ll have a deep appreciation and passion for wine as becoming a certified sommelier takes a lot of work and study. Furthermore, a sommelier will act professionally and elegantly at all times. Their role is to ensure that the client and guests are satisfied. 

what is a sommelier

What is a Sommelier – Definition; A wine sommelier is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing. The role in fine dining today is much more specialized and informed than that of a wine waiter.

what is a Sommelier

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