With over 30 years of combined experience in the Fine Wine industry, we believe we understand people who enjoy fine wines. Our Sommelier’s mission is to offer our clients the luxury and exclusivity of having a personal Sommelier on hand whose job will be to advise you on the intricacies of fine wine.

As someone who simply enjoys good wine or is a connoisseur, we can take you on a journey to explore the hidden gems from some of the smallest and finest vineyards across the world. Our Sommelier offers a personalised service: from purchasing for capital appreciation to storing wines at home, be it on a large or small scale, we can provide you with the expertise to ensure that you make an informed choice about the wines you consume, invest, or store for ageing.

On taking up our service, we will assign you a sommelier who will take the time to understand your needs. From entertaining your guests to ensuring you maintain your wines correctly and answer your questions about fine wine. We are here to help whatever the occasion. And for those who prefer to hold their wines for capital appreciation or to sell their vintage wines, we are here to assist you by allocating you a portfolio manager who will keep you informed on price movements in the vintage market.

Home Delivery Service

Wine Delivery Service

At Our Sommelier, we make choosing good wine simple by providing our customers with an extensive portfolio of exceptional wines from independent winemakers around the world.

Wine Fridges, Coolers & Cabinets

Wine Cabinets

We supply a range of wine fridges, coolers and ageing wine cabinets for storing fine & rare wines. All of the wine coolers have a 2-year manufacturer warranty and we’ll price-match the same make and model listed by other UK retailers. We offer a home wine storage solution for everyone.

Sommelier Services

SOmmelier Services

We offer a unique Sommelier service, including but not limited to: food and wine pairing, planning and preparing personal wine lists, wine procurement for private cellars, jets and yachts, Sommelier wine storage quality checks, extracting brittle corks to prevent crumbling, wine storage advice.

Gift Boutique

Our gift boutique gifts are packed in a luxury giftbox and includes a delicious tray of chocolates. We have handpicked a selected range of fine wines, whisky, cognacs and Champagnes. Whether it’s an aged whisky or a bottle of Champagne, the perfect gift is just a few clicks away.