Five things you need to know about the Global Wine Industry.

There are more than one million wine makers in the world, producing around 2.8bn cases of wine each year. Global demand has hit nearly 3bn and is rising. But the global wine industry is changing shape, with the old world gradually losing its crown as the world’s vineyard, and new wine drinkers emerging from countries like China.

These are five things you need to know to understand the changing face of the world’s wine industry.

The old world still dominates, but its star is slowly waning

Europe- led by France, Italy and Spain – still holds the crown as the world’s biggest wine producer, making around 1.5bn cases in 2012. But production from this part of the world is falling sharply, with output down 9.5pc between 2011 and 2012. France – the world’s biggest producer – suffered an even sharper fall of 18pc.

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30 Oct 2013

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

This chart shows more clearly the diverging fates of old and new world wine producers (note that the measures do not use the same scale):

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

China is becoming one of the top new world winemakers

China is now second only to the US among new world wine producers, following an astronomical rise from its near-zero levels in the mid-1990s. It produced around 150m cases of wine last year.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

Wine consumption dipped between 2008 and 2010 but is back on the rise

The recession hurt wine consumption, but a recovery is well underway, with demand fast approaching its pre-crisis peak.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

The French still drink the most wine, but the US is catching up

The French have historically both made and drunk the most wine. But the US is now a close second, while China’s taste for wine is also on the rise, having doubled twice in the last five years.

Source: Morgan Stanley Research

The UK’s wine consumption is falling

In most parts of the world, wine demand is stable or rising, but in the UK, Spain and Italy, fewer cases are being sold.

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