“La Maison Penet: not only an exceptional House but also the culmination of a 400-year heritage in Champagne. A place where wine connoisseurs and epicureans can experience the taste of rare Cuvées of exceptional character.
Our strong authenticity and exceptionally high-quality standards are reflected in a range of zero or very low dosage Champagnes and sparkling wines: an approach which makes us so unique.”
Le Terroir Sublime – The Ultimate Terroir Experience

Alexandre Penet ‘Ex Ante’

Grape: Champagne Blend
Style: Complex and Traditional

Ratafia Champenois

Made from a blend of unfermented grapes
which are added Champagne brandy
Alexandre Penet Champagne

“Alexandre Penet, Oenologist and Entrepreneur with a 400-year-family-heritage in Champagne, and his wife Martine have created a range of distinctive, top quality Champagnes.

Produced to demanding standards, the wines combine character, freshness and low dosage, the landmark of La Maison Penet.

The label design combines refinement and modernity. Each bottle displays a QR code on its back label.

Alexandre Penet Champagnes, a perfect introduction to the world of low dosage Champagnes.

Penet-Chardonnet Champagne

“Penet-Chardonnet Champagnes are world-class wines made to satisfy wine enthusiasts who value high-quality craftmanship and the exclusivity of a unique wine with a strong personality.

Our sustainable viticultural approach “on a plot-by-plot basis” and our artisanal, though highly rigorous wine-making process enables us to get the most out of our exceptional “Terroir” and preserve the integrity of our wines at every stage.

With so much attention to detail, our wines are transformed into exceptional Champagnes, which need very little dosage, thus reflecting the purity of our Great Terroir – the unique combination of our soil, our climate, and our specific savoir-faire. Their complexity and full-bodied character make Penet-Chardonnet Champagnes perfect for pairing with food”.