La Maison Penet ‘Ratafia’ Champenois

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La Maison Penet ‘Ratafia’ Champenois

Producer: La Maison Penet

Region/Appellation: Champagne

Country Hierarchy: France

Grape/Blend: Ratafia

Wine Style: Dessert Wine – Champagnois

Alcohol Content: 18.0%

Tasting Notes: The most famous ratafia is Ratafia de Champagne, a mistelle (fortified grape must) from France’s Champagne region. The other main category of ratafia is a fortified cordial aromatized with citrus peel, herbs and spices. Ratafia de Champagne is made from the standard Champagne grapes, using must from later press runs once the juice for Champagne has been extracted. It is then fortified with a grape brandy

How to serve it?

Serving  : 7°C to 9°C

Aperitifs/Starters : Aperitifs, Foie gras

Cheeses  : Blue-veined, Cantal, Tomme de Savoie

Desserts : Chocolate fondant

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