Mama Afrika Nebbiolo 2020

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Red-cherry& floral scented Nebbiolo, with liquorish, mint and violet notes, and a long finish gently infused by a gentle wood smoke and tea leaf.


Mama Afrika, Nebbiolo 2020

Winery: Mama Afrika

Producer: Mpelo Sikhwatha

Region/Appellation: Boland Region, Western Cape

Country Hierarchy: South Africa

Grape/Blend: Nebbiolo

Wine Style: Red

Alcohol Content: 13.5%

Tasting Notes:

Red-cherry& floral scented Nebbiolo, with liquorish, mint and violet notes, and a long finish gently infused by a gentle wood smoke and tea leaf.


Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting allure of Mama Afrika’s Nebbiolo. This South African gem, carefully crafted by Mpelo, showcases the rare and unique beauty of this varietal. Limited in plantings throughout the country, Mama Afrika’s Nebbiolo stands as a testament to Mpelo’s unwavering pursuit of perfection.

With its delicate floral bouquet and enticing red-cherry aroma, this Nebbiolo entices the senses from the very first sniff. Each sip reveals a symphony of flavors, from the subtle hints of licorice and refreshing mint to the graceful presence of violet notes. As the wine gracefully dances on your palate, a long, lingering finish emerges, kissed by a gentle embrace of wood smoke and the essence of tea leaves.

The journey to create this exceptional wine began with the search for the perfect site and the perfect fruit. Mpelo’s dedication and meticulous selection have brought forth the marvels that lie within each bottle. Nebbiolo, known for its finicky nature akin to Pinot Noir, demands well-drained soils and an abundance of sunshine hours to reach its full potential. Fortunately, Mama Afrika’s vineyards provide these optimal conditions, though taming the heat remains a challenge, just as with Mpelo’s renowned Pinot Noir.

A lengthy growing season allows the dense tannins to fully ripen, while the slow accumulation of sugars adds complexity to the grape. The result is a wine that leaves you breathless. Be prepared to experience a harmonious blend of sweet and tart red fruits, such as luscious red cherry, vibrant strawberry leaf, tangy cranberry, and succulent red currant. The palate is graced with a complementary richness, balancing the intricate tannic structure. These bold, crunchy, and yet surprisingly approachable tannins have been softened by the gentle embrace of time spent in small, used oak barriques.

As the wine unfolds, it reveals further layers of flavor. Discover the subtle nuances of clove and woody herbs, accompanied by the delicate essence of rose water and the lingering touch of tea leaf. Mama Afrika’s Nebbiolo is a powerful testament to structure, yet it remains refined and restrained, displaying a remarkable finesse that is truly captivating.

While this wine is already a delight to savor, its aging potential is exceptional. With proper cellaring, it will continue to evolve gracefully for another decade, rewarding those who choose to experience its full journey.

Indulge in the magic of Mama Afrika’s Nebbiolo today. Let its rare beauty transport you to a world of flavors and sensations that will leave a lasting impression.

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