Swisscave Burgundy Display Shelf WLB460/WLB360 range

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Swisscave Burgundy Display Shelf WLB460/WLB360 range

Brand: Swisscave


  • Suitable for Burgundy style bottles
  • Display 5 bottles and space for 10-12 additional bottles behind
  • Suitable for WLB360DF/F and WLB460DF/F range

BURGUNDY Display shelf for the SWISSCAVE WLB460 and WLB360 range – Manufactured from treated beach wood.

The shelf does not have to be used as a display shelf, the arm can be moved up and down if you do want to use it as a normal flat shelf.

Note: the shelves will be delivered via the normal postal network, unassembled direct from the manufacturers warehouse.

Shelves can be out of stock as manufacturers hold less stock of these and they are a non-stock item for our suppliers. We advise contacting us before ordering to check stock levels.

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